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About Us

A Leader in Medical Healthcare Equipment Solutions

O2Lifecare LLC focuses on bringing quality medical healthcare Products directly to the hands of our consumers. Our main driving force is built to alleviate stress that is often associated with healthcare and chronic care. As our name states, we desire to bring back “life” into healthcare and empower those who desire to take control of their own wellness.

How We Started

Your success will always be our drive and motivation.

We established our company in 2019, our goal was to be one of the top providers of medical care equipment. Today, with all that experience in the books, we’ve certainly earned every inch to get to where we are now. To take the bold step in entering the medical equipment care industry, we understood it takes precision, focus and most importantly impeccable integrity. As we continue with our growth, we’re excited to have you along our journey as we break down barriers and provide innovative solutions to better your health.

Companies Under of O2Lifecare

We couple innovation and globalization by bringing you top quality medical equipment such as test kits to help you measure cholesterol, glucose and blood pressure for customers as well as portable, wireless ultrasound probes intended for medical professionals and to add convenience to their day to day clinic operations.


Setting the bar for modern health and technology.

 Specializes in providing Wireless Ultrasound Probes that are ergonomic in clinical settings, help reduce preparation time, easily adjustable transducers controls and most importantly help increase safety. Our wireless probes feature their own integrated circuit boards enabling it to seamlessly connect directly to your iPhone or iPad wirelessly via its own embedded Wifi signal to meet those daily operational challenges physicians encounter. We deliver solutions that enhance convenience for physicians and increase patient safety. With over 100,000 wireless probes manufactured and sold, we continually look for improvements to enhance our services.



Helping you Take Back Control of your Wellness

Specializes in developing test kits that check your cholesterol, glucose levels, blood pressure, hemoglobin and overall bmi. Through the backing of clinical and data science, our research and development team composed of lab physicians developed different types of test kits aimed at giving you control of checking your wellness scores at any time and in turn help you monitor your health.

Innovative Thinkers

How we Plan to Continue our

We always begin with looking at business trends through which we were able to establish the concept of adding portability by upgrading wireless technology for medical healthcare solutions. We continue on to enhance the technology method to bring you improved “convenience” without compromising the “quality” to attain that goal anytime, anywhere.

We believe that you deserve the best medical care no matter the distance, by centering on this thought process we develop innovative marketing strategies that help bridge the gap and bring our products directly to your doorstep.

Core Values

Impeccable Integrity

By operating in the medical industry, we understand there is no room for error. Every product we introduce to the market takes countless hours of developing, testing it to perfection and then launching the product with our knowledgeable support team ready to accommodate all your inquiries.


We are passionate about finding new ways of bringing you new medical technology, this is how we establish finding value in what we do. We build on those opportunities and turn those ideas into reality after determining how our products improve the existing technology.

Product Lines that we’ve Launched


Portable, wireless ultrasound probes with integrated circuit board. This helps Connect the Ultrasound Probe to your iPhone or iPad wirelessly via its embedded Wifi signal. The ultrasound probe itself acts as a WiFi Point.




Various model test kits to help you measure your cholesterol, glucose and blood pressure  wellness. FDA Cleared and CE Certified. Simple and Easy-to-use devices. Comes with Warranty on every device.